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Friday, June 30, 2017

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Chris Paul will play with James Harden in Houston! It is a very heavy weight duo that promises to Rockets and could give some interest to the NBA. On the other hand, it is the soup to the grimace in the Clippers.

All the fans of NBA, in this post-draft period, have eyes only for the future of Paul George , sent sometimes to Boston , sometimes to Cleveland , sometimes to the Lakers ... But there is another Who decided not to procrastinate: Paul, Chris of his first name, will join the Rockets for four years and 150 million euros! It is a huge transfer, and only the star of the Pacers - when it finally has chosen its destination - will no doubt come to cause a stronger resonance during this offseason. Houston will join Chris Paul and James Harden!
Information fell on Wednesday via Yahoo! Sports , which is very rarely mistaken and cites sources inside the NBA. At the age of 32, with no NBA final, he announced his intention not to go on to the Clippers (where he is under contract until 2018), the Los Angeles franchise quickly Took the lead in order not to be completely naked, she who will also have to cravacher to keep Blake Griffin at the end of the contract. The Californians should thus recover Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and a first round of draft next year. But all the same, what a thunderclap in Western conference!
 The Nuggets, the Wizards or especially the Spurs for Chris Paul were evoked, but his arrival in Houston is clearly the effect of a bomb. It is quite probable that the Rockets will confirm the transaction very quickly. Everyone is already wondering how Houston is going to be able to match the two superstars Harden and Chris Paul, but they are very friendly and that's what would have tipped the scales. The Clippers had nevertheless prepared a five-year extension to 210 million euros ..Harden is probably ready to play no longer, but this season he followed Russell Westbrook in his triple-double orgy. "Chris Paul wanted to play harden with Harden," writes our colleague Adrian Wojnarowski, "insider" n ° 1 who revealed this information. Trevor Ariza , Ryan Anderson and Clint Capela are expected to complete the five major, and the Rockets will become an extremely interesting force, clearly at the level - or even favorites - to reach a conference final against the Warriors.


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