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Sunday, July 2, 2017

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An Italian-Inter report could use Condogbia in the De Maria deal

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica has revealed that Inter may take advantage of Jeffrey Kondugbia to sign Paris Saint-Germain's Angel de Maria.


Di Maria appeared in Benfica. Sparkle and sparkle with Real Madrid. He failed at Manchester United and returned to Ma'an with PSG.

But the 29-year-old's career seems to be going on very long in France.
Inter are fighting in the transfer market to bring the 29-year-old into his squad.

Italy's Toto Mercato reported that Inter could pay more than 40 million euros to persuade Paris St Germain to abandon De Maria.

But Inter may also enter Condogbia in the deal to get Di Maria.

Kundubbia with Inter did not appear as he did with Monaco. He played 26 games last season, scoring a lonely goal and making 2.

Deja Maria scored 14 goals and made 15 in 43 appearances for Paris Saint-Germain last season.


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