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Monday, July 3, 2017

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Ana Peleteiro flies to 14.22 in triple, record promise

 Galician Ana Peleteiro has taken a great step forward in triple jump: 14,22 meters (+0,7) in the Spanish Championships promising Torret (Valencia), record of the category (under 23 years). It is the seventh best European brand of the year. The silver was for Fatima Diame, also above the fourteen meters: 14,03 with +0,4.

The champion's series was as follows: 13.75 (+2.2), 13.48 (+1.9), 13.92 (-1.5), 13.87 (+0.1), 14 , 08 (+0.3) and 14.22 (+0.7).

Ana had 14,17 in the open air since 2012, when she was proclaimed junior world champion in Barcelona. This year he had already jumped 14.20 on indoor and 13.85 outdoors, on 29 June.

Peleteiro is currently training with Cuban Ivan Pedroso in Guadalajara. It already had the minimum mark for the World-wide ones of London.


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