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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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Bayern Munich president Uli Onis says the deal for Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez for the Bavarian squad will not be reasonable because of the player's salary.

Bayern Munich have been linked to Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez and his goal during the summer transfer period.

But it seems that Bayern Munich will not be able to keep pace with the defender's offer to renew to the player with a big salary will be the highest in the history of the guns.
"I'm not the one who does the deals, but Rummenigge has not come to me yet, so the Sanchez deal is not urgent for him," Onis told Kicker.
"A salary of 20 million euros a year does not seem reasonable to me," he said.
Sanchez's contract with Arsenal ends at the end of this season, which makes the English club give up if they do not renew this summer...


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