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Friday, July 7, 2017

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He believes Vettel, if he does not win the title, could go to Mercedes, and the Spaniard would return to the Scuderia with a young driver as a team mate.

It is heard in several languages, it is curious how a name can be pronounced so differently. From Fernando, to Feirneindo passing through the Ferdinand ... Anyway, Spanish, Italian, English, German ... all talking about Fernando Alonso and his future. The F1 wants him in a good car, wants to see him up again and above all hopes that he is fighting for the victories.

Alonso has said that next year will win. And at the moment there are only two cars that can do it: Mercedes and Ferrari. Briatore bet on a return to the Italian team and now another team leader who had the astur goes in the same line. It is the words of Giancarlo Minardi, who first sends Raikkonen: "The Ferrari 2018 is starting very well and there is great optimism about this new project. I hope that we are also working in Maranello in relation to the drivers, as it would be a Madness continue the relationship with Kimi Raikkonen. In my opinion the time has come to turn the page. "

Then clear the path of Sebastian Vettel, as Minardi talks about the possibility that the German, who has not yet renewed with Ferrari and has said more than once that he is in no hurry or time to talk about the matter, go to Mercedes. All this if the German does not win the title. And finally the one who was head of the Faenza team makes his bet: Alonso and a young driver.

"I would not exclude a return of Fernando Alonso to Ferrari because in the team there are no longer the leaders with whom the Spaniard had problems and supporting a young driver who can grow with him." Ferrari should look to the future and have the strength to Continue to work on rebuilding a winning cycle because now, as they are, Mercedes is still the car to beat, "he said." Do you like the idea? "To me, sincerely, if I may, I would much rather see Alonso and Vettel With the same car fighting for the World Championship, although that is not the philosophy of Ferrari.


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