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Monday, July 3, 2017

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LONDON (Reuters) - Former Liverpool captain Sami Hibaya sees new Egyptian Reds player Masri Mohammed Salah as giving the team a big offensive force, saying his speed will make opponents nervous.
Mohamed Salah moved to Liverpool from Rome in a record deal which is the most expensive in the history of the two clubs for 42 million euros.

"The signing of Salah is an offensive step and his strength lies in the offensive line of the team and will give Liverpool a great speed in the front," he told the Times.

"When I think of his speed, he and Sadio Mani, the four-point defense in the opposing teams, will be worried about their speed and everything."

"I think Salah has evolved from what he was in Chelsea, maybe they could not get him to his level and went to lend in some teams to gain experience."

"He is now a better player than he was in years, so he certainly is a strong addition to the team."


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