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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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"I'll try to get the best out of Garbiñe, it's excellent

 What memories come to mind of his title at Wimbledon 23 years ago?
Very special. It's a different Grand Slam. To see the grass now so immaculate seems to me precious. I have only good memories of that victory. Winning a big one is very difficult and this one is very special.
No other Spaniard has succeeded, does that give him a sense of grandeur?
Here it is not easy to play and it is true that no other woman in our country has succeeded. For me it is also a privilege to be in the list with Manolo Santana and Rafa Nadal.
How was the 1994 tournament for you, with those last matches against Radford, Davenport, McNeil and Navratilova?
Complicated, because they are two weeks in which you have to be very concentrated. I started well and then I had difficult matches, starting with Radford's that brought him back. I was taking them forward little by little and the final was also hard, but here I arrived with great confidence.
What do I mean for you to win the championship against a myth like Navratilova?
He had already won that year in Rome, on land where he had an advantage because he came with very good results. The important thing was to win it in grass and in Wimbledon, which was like his house, where he was going for his tenth title. He was a legend in these tracks.
Now he is going to bring his experience and wisdom on the grass to Garbiñe Muguruza. What do you think can help her more?
We are working on the workouts to see what things can be improved. We have a few days, but Garbiñe is an excellent player, who has done very well at Wimbledon and has reached a final. I'm going to try to get the best of her in this tournament.
To what extent is mental strength important in a Grand Slam?
There are 14 very intense days where many things can happen. You have to know to accept that your game is not going to be perfect, that you can have better and worse days but you have to take them ahead to have a new opportunity, not to seek perfection because in grass you can not ... There can be bad weather and you have to deal With all the adversities.
What do you think the grass game has changed since its time?
Now much more is played from the bottom of the track. That was the style of my career, but in my day there were more players and players who made serve and net. Now seeing this assiduously is difficult. Quite decent exchanges are seen. The slopes are well maintained, slower and the ball bounces. The type of tennis player at the moment has also changed and that influences.
Changing matters, what do you think of the idea of ​​joining the Davis Cup and Federation finals?
It is clear that the format has to change. Something must be done to motivate players to encourage them to come. I do not look bad. There is also the theme of the 16 teams in the Federation Cup that we are waiting to know if Spain is still in the World Group. It will depend a lot on the week in which that final is put, but you have to innovate.


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