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Friday, July 7, 2017

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It has decided to replace the three sentences of seven months imprisonment imposed by the value of 400 euros for each day of condemnation.

The Audiencia of Barcelona will allow FC Barcelona player Leo Messi to commute his sentence 21 months in prison for three crimes against the Public Treasury for a total fine of 252,000 euros. According to the order of execution of the sentence, collected by Europa Press, the Audiencia replaces 21 months of imprisonment for seven months of fine with a quota of 400 euros daily for each sentence, which adds 252,000 euros, after it has already returned the Money defrauded and paid a fine.

For the player's father, Jorge Horacio Messi, also sentenced in the case, the Court replaced his sentence of 15 months in prison for a total fine of 180,000 euros.

The court has taken into account that both have no criminal record, and their "restorative effort", since civil liability has been paid (€ 21,338.16) and the total fine has been set aside (2,093. 001,55 euros and 1,395,334.37 euros, respectively). Therefore, it understands that it makes them both entitled to the grant of the benefit of the substitution of the prison sentence for a fine, to which the Prosecutor's Office has not objected provided that the amount of 400 euros per day, The high purchasing power of the prisoners.

Messi defrauded Hacienda a total of 4.1 million euros in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 financial years because he did not pay in Spain the money he received for the exploitation of his image rights, and was convicted of three tax offenses; His father was condemned as a necessary cooperator.

Ordinarily, those convicted of less than two years' imprisonment may be released from prison if, among other conditions, they have no criminal record and return the defrauded, but this process is not automatic.

The line of defense maintained by Messi's lawyers throughout the trial, including the trial, was that the player was completely unaware of the actions taken on his image rights, since he only played football and never asked his father because She trusted him.

However, as the Audiencia of Barcelona pointed out in its ruling of July 2016, the Second Chamber of the Supremo understands that the striker knew unequivocally his obligation to tax the income obtained by the exploitation of his image rights .


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