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Monday, July 3, 2017

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Juan Carlos Navarro: "Being in five games is exciting"

 Until Rio only four basketball players (Puerto Rican Teo Cruz, Brazilian Oscar Schmidt, Australian Andrew Gaze and American Teresa Edwards) had been to five Games. You also played them there. What is the feeling?
To have lived five Games is something very exciting and I will not hide that I am very proud to have been in all of them because it is something that few people can say.
Did you ever imagine that you would still win another medal sixteen years later?
When I made a debut in Sydney I could not imagine that I would get to Rio and I am very honored to have been able to help the National Team get a medal, because winning three medals in a row (two silver and one bronze) Many.
Why are games for an athlete so special?
The Games are the most that you can aspire to and from the first to the fifth I have always had the same desire, the same illusion and I have given everything to gain a place in a selection that has always given the face.
You are 37 years old and you could say that his withdrawal from the Spanish team is close. What do you think?
For now, I will try to enjoy the Eurobasket and then we will see how I will be physically. But when I think it's time, you'll know.
Have you ever put the interests of your club, Barcelona, ​​to go to the national team?
Never. I am from children both in the Selection and in the club that I represent. Who pays me is Barcelona, ​​but that does not mean that every summer I have found very comfortable with the Selection, with which we have won many things, with a generation that is tremendous and I feel super proud of it.

Is there anything left in the national team?

Win the gold in a Games, but now comes the Eurobasket and I would like to achieve a third title.
It's three games to beat the record of Epi's 239 games. Is that your goal now?
The truth is that I am not very aware of these things. It is one more motivation and I will try to beat it. I'm fine, the coach called me and if I agreed to go it's because I think I can do things to help the team


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