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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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Manchester United will face Manchester City in a match that "will be training" against a Guardiola with whom "I have a good relationship."

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho harshly criticized the signings market this summer is taking place in Europe and said that his Manchester United team was not going to enter into the "madness" of paying million-dollar transfers for "average" players.

"What is being paid are crazy numbers that do not correspond to the quality of the players," said Mourinho at a press conference offered in Houston, where today his team faces Manchester City in match for the tournament International Champions Cup, In what will be the first English derby abroad.

Although Manchester United have paid 100 million euros for signings of Belgian Romelu Lukaku and Swedish defender Victor Lindelof, has rejected the Spanish striker Alvaro Morata, Real Madrid, now Chelsea's new player. Operation Mourinho said he had nothing to say because it was a Chelsea affair.

"We got a great player, who I know (Lukaku), who can grow a lot and we are happy," said Mourinho. "I asked for four signings and in the end the owner of our team will accept three."

Mourinho wants Croatian striker Ivan Perisic from Inter Milan, who asks for 55 million euros and Eric Dier of Tottenham, who want 62 million.

"Everybody knows because I said that I would like to have four players, but I'm ready to stay with three, given that the market is difficult after some teams think it is different from others," said Mourinho, who openly criticized what he had Cost to Manchester City defender Kyle Walker, 56 million euros.

According to Mourinho, the final goal with the signings is to achieve a better balance in the squad, to increase the conditions to compete and that thinks that Manchester United, has succeeded.

Mourinho reiterated that he was not surprised by the economic power of the teams, nor the millionaire transfers by great players, but now they were also paying for good players.

"There is a difference between the big players and the good players and now the numbers are really crazy for normal players," said the Portuguese coach.

As for the Derbi between both English teams and the professional rivalry with Spanish coach Peg Guardiola, who heads Manchester City, Mourinho said he was framing him in a more pre-season preparation match and no personal clashes.

"We played two friendlies with MLS teams and now it's time to raise the level of competition by doing it with City, Real Madrid and Barcelona," said Mourinho. "I do not know what intentions the City has in terms of the match and the tournament, but ours is very clear, giving players minutes and turning it into a training."

Guardiola, who had previously offered another press conference, expressed himself in the same terms as to the meaning of the party, in which there will be no pressure to win.

"Our relationship is good, we worked for three years in the same team (Barcelona), then with my arrival at Real Madrid gave very special circumstances for both clubs and the rivalry in Spain is very different from what is experienced in England" , Analyzed Mourinho.

However, fans in Houston do not see the game the same way, and it has already become the sixth most requested sports event in the city after the Super Bowl, with average price of the cheapest tickets at $ 200.


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