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Thursday, July 6, 2017

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The Brazilian, will finally have a relay of guarantees that will allow him to rest. Last season, he already warned of his tiredness: "I am not of iron ...".

The signing of Theo Hernández by Madrid, which became official on Wednesday and will be presented Monday at the Bernabeu, makes Marcelo breathe. The Brazilian finished last season because his cast was not doubled.
It is true that in the squad was Coentrao, but the Portuguese, between injuries and files X (appeared and disappeared from training without medical parts involved), did not assume the role for which it was intended. In fact, in that position came to play Danilo, lateral right-handed, and Nacho, central.
Marcelo finished last season as the fourth Madridista with more minutes, 3,878 minutes (70.6% of the total), spread over 49 games. Only Kroos (4,170 '), Cristiano (4,126') and Ramos (3,988 ') added more minutes than he. On the contrary, the role of Coentrao has been inconsequential: only 5.4% of minutes (297 ') were used.

The Brazilian finished the campaign with more fatigue in his legs than Zidane and the player himself had wished. Even Marcelo alerted mid-season of his fatigue. He did it after the 1-2 loss to Celta, in the Cup, on January 18: "I am not of iron. So much party tires, but I am to death with the equipment. We all get tired of playing 90 minutes, not just me. "

But with the arrival of Theo Hernandez, this scenario will change for Marcelo. Now Zidane will have folded that left side position. The 29-year-old Brazilian will be the starting line-up for the coach, but next season will be 'paid' to the plan that Cristiano has already followed this season to reach the final in full physical. Theo, ten years younger than him, has shown in his assignment season in the Alavés to be a player of height and that has quality to spare to alternate with Marcelo and grow to his side to be the left side of Madrid's future. Finally, the Brazilian can catch air.


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