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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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The Luxembourgie was ahead 0-2 and the Spaniard equalized, but could not complete the feat and fell into the 28th game of the fifth set, which lasted 135 minutes.

  • Rafa Nadal is a legend, but he also has bad days or not so good days. And from time to time he crosses with some unexpected hero who makes the game of his life and knocks him down. It is what happened to him in this Manic Monday of Wimbledon that has ended with a crazy thing. Gilles Muller has been the main protagonist of the last 16 by beating the Spanish champion in the longest duel of the tournament and the most durable Nadal has played here (four hours and 48 minutes). It has done so in a drama that was solved with an unusual marker: 3-6, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 and 13-15.

  •  The Luxembourgman thwarted what could have been the Spaniard's third comeback from a 0-2 Grand Slams (he had achieved precisely in the All England in 2006 and 2007 against Kendrick and Youzhny).

  • Nadal evened the score with caste and attitude, and saved four match balls in the eternal last set (135 '), but with the fifth could not. Muller, who already eliminated the Balearic in the great Londoner in 2005, awaits him in quarters Marin Cilic, who took ahead to Roberto Bautista. Garbiñe Muguruza remains the only representative of Spain.

  • Nadal added 28 straight sets from the first game of this year at Roland Garros. Muller broke that streak and got twice what Paire, Haase, Basilashvili, Bautista, Carreño, Thiem, Wawrinka, Millman, Young and Khachanov had failed to achieve. The Luxembourger got it because with their loot, not too powerful but if placed and with effect, disarmed the Balearic, unable to find solutions in those first two sleeves. Muller frequented the network with advantage and there imposed its size. In the first set he won 14 of the 16 points he played with the first service.

  • Nadal turned the tortilla around with just that gun Muller had used to knock him down at first. He connected several direct serves, increased his percentage of first and with a break in each one of the following two sets was part of the miracle. He needed to finish and he tried. But he did not have the task. He raised two match ball with 4-5 and two with 9-10; The next one surpassed him. Without a hawk's eye during several games, in the 28th (he had never played so many in a tiebreaker) he gave up with a right-hand ball that hit the net. 

  • Nadal said goodbye to London, and it's been seven years since he last qualified for the quarterfinals at Wimbledon. But no one argues that this great world sport legend gave it all and will continue to try it while the body holds it, because the spirit of struggle and constant eagerness to overcome are two of the main virtues that adorn their nature. 

  • That is what Djokovic knows, that he did not dispute his duel against Mannarino, who happens to play tomorrow at 13:00 in the central court


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