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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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"According to information from the Miami Herald, Paul George, Victor Oladipo and Richard Hamilton were victims of a scam.

He slipped into the backstage of the best concerts, stole two million jewels a couple of years ago and got several NBA stars to send him slippers for free. Justin Jackson and his wife have been arrested on criminal charges, according to the Miami Herald (Via CBS Sports). Both were dedicated to defraud celebrities and stars of the sport.

According to the Herald article, Jackson was dedicated to sending emails from a fake account in which he claimed to be the manager of singer Adele. He offered tickets to his concerts to the NBA stars in exchange for pairs of sneakers that he would theoretically use at a charity auction. The swindler also used a false email from Leo Messi's agent to give credibility to his story.

Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook would be among the players who received Jackson's email, and Paul George, Victor Oladipo and exNBA Richard Hamilton sent him pairs of sneakers thanks to the scam.


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