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Sunday, July 16, 2017

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Celebrate his birthday today when he starts his fifth campaign. For the injuries he has only played 56% of the possible minutes since 2013.


It is no longer a promise but is still waiting. Bale turns 28 today. The retina of the fans keeps their glorious moments, like the race with Bartra that gave Madrid a Copa del Rey, but it weighs more the feeling of frustration to see how the Welsh falls again and again injured (17 times since it arrived in the Summer of 2013, 12 of them in the soleus).

Florentino threw the rest for him four summers ago: 101 million to seek the successor of Cristiano and Messi, who already accumulate nine Gold Balls (the Portuguese will soon get the tenth, his fifth award). But in none of his four campaigns at Madrid, Bale, the Cardiff express, has climbed the drawer of the prestigious trophy. Now that it sounds strongly Mbappé's name, Bale has the imperative need to prove that it is the galactic, the flagship player, who was looking for the president with his signing.  


Cristiano was not a recruitment of his. It was Ramón Calderón, and the current president still relies on the Welshman for that mission, that of being his Di Stefano. Hence it has not yet been clearly launched by Mbappé, who would have no room with the bbC. Benzema, who went to look for the door of his house in Lyon, seems as untouchable as Cristiano although his performances are much lower than those of the Portuguese. 

Since coming to Madrid, Bale has only played 56% of the possible minutes. It's almost half. And he has scored 10% of the team's goals (Cristiano, for example, got 32% in the same period). At present, the specialized website Transfermarkt gives the galleys a market price estimate of 80 million euros.

On June 25, the AS website conducted a survey. "Which of the bbC do you think would sell Florentino to bring Mbappé?" 42.3% of the 21,298 Internet users who participated responded that Bale, 24.7 to Cristiano (his anger was in full swing) and 12.2% to Benzema. There was a 20.8% who answered that to any of the three. Bale must work this year to change the perception that he is the weakest link in the bbC.


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