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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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The conversion of Cristiano to the position of striker center continued its course in the 2016-17. 

The course of the games allowed to contemplate the capacity of mutation of the Portuguese to his 32 years. 

His area of influence has declined significantly since his arrival in Madrid, and for the first time in seven seasons did not exceed the number of 50 goals, but was more decisive than ever in the final stretch of the season thanks to the breaks provided by Zidane ( Disputed 46 meetings of the 60 officers of Real Madrid).

Cristiano's statistics last season reflect his adaptation: 37 of the 42 goals scored by the Madeira were from within the area. Their presence in the danger zone is constant. Every match that passes is less surprising to see him prowling the rival goal.

The Portuguese also scored 30 goals with a single touch (71%). The progression from his arrival in 2009 to the white house has been spectacular: in his first white campaign he got 33% of his so many in the area of the nine and in the last course, 88%.

Cristiano finished the season with the second lowest scorer record since his landing at the Santiago Bernabeu. Only in the campaign of its debut it pierced the rival goal in less occasions: 33. Since then, its conducting figures were 53 (in 10-11), 60 (11-12), 55 (12-13), 51 (13 -14), 61 (14-15) and 51 (15-16). 

The weight of the Portuguese declined last year, but completed his season more decisive as Real Madrid. He scored ten goals in the final rounds of the Champions League (five in quarters, three in the semifinals and two in the final).

 In addition, the doublet scored in Cardiff (both so many to a touch from within the area) led to Madrid towards the conquest of the Twelfth European Cup.

Another resource that Cristiano has exploited to the maximum is the art of the head. The Portuguese beat up rival eight-time goalkeepers on eight occasions. Precise centers that the Christian himself used to give to his colleagues before culminating his process of transformation into a traditional tip.

Reference. Zidane's bid for 4-4-2 made the Portuguese the main offensive team reference. Left the left band to definitively occupy the position of forward center. Cristiano definitively signed the deeds of his new address: the area of the rival.


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