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Friday, July 7, 2017

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" Valverde, high-flying bird "

Fede Valverde: "I think it's the first important step in my life"

Federico Santiago Valverde Dipetta (Montevideo, Uruguay, 22/7/1998), the Bird, as a coach called him when he saw him running with three years, shows that youth is not synonymous with immaturity. It is a mediocentro contentious, orderly, but at the same time creative and with goal, by which the white ones disbursed 5 million euros in 2015 to ensure their incorporation as soon as he turned 18. After a notable year in Castilla, he has given the Jump to the Deportivo. "As a footballer I think I am 100% better times than a year ago, but above all as a person. Here I have improved a lot in speed, knowing how to defend, which I found it difficult to associate more with my colleagues ... Keep up the pace Of football in Europe is the most difficult. "

His experience in continental football is limited to a campaign in Segunda B, in the ranks of Castilla: "It has been a tough year, because I took time to adapt to life in Spain and South American football is more leisurely. A lot here, because during the 90 minutes you must be very tidy, so I improved and matured. "

 Although in Madrid he plays for Kroos, for now the Uruguayan is compared to Gerrard: "He won everything and I'm starting. I admire Kroos, but maybe I play the Gerrard game more. I have no problem playing anywhere, but there are positions where I can do better, like 8 ".

In the lower categories of Peñarol his position was more advanced. "In Madrid they did not tell me that I should represent Modric, I started as a midfielder in the first 2-3 matches, but Solari proposed to play me as a defensive central midfielder, and I felt comfortable."

Working with Zidane before arriving in Spain, Valverde did not go unnoticed by coaches like Wenger: "I was in Peñarol's youth and my parents woke me up one night to let me know that Arsenal invited me to train for a week. I believed it.

Zidane also counted on him in some of his training sessions: "When I saw him, I could not believe that I was by his side. He always greeted me with a smile and that's incredible.At the break of a party, he asked me to show what I know "I was impressed by Cristiano in training, for something is the best in the world, but also Modric."


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