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Monday, July 17, 2017

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Wimbledon champion celebrated title in bar until 5am , Federer calls on young players to play more attacking tennis .

Roger Federer, hungover after partying until 5am to celebrate his eighth Wimbledon title, had enough lucidity on Monday morning to throw down a challenge to the next generation to play more attacking tennis if they want to dislodge the old order.

The 35-year-old Swiss could easily return to No1 in the world and win his third slam of the season in New York next month .

 He won in Melbourne, too, in vastly different circumstances, and he looks and sounds as content as when he was dominating the game alongside Rafael Nadal, then, in recent years, competing with Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray for supremacy.

“Yeah, my head’s ringing,” he smiled. “I don’t know what I did last night [after the Champion’s dinner at the Guildhall in central London]. I drank too many types of drinks, I guess. After the ball we went to – what would you call it? I guess it’s a bar – and there were almost 30 to 40 friends that were there. We had a great time. Got to bed at five, then woke up, and just didn’t feel good. The last hour or so I’m somewhat OK again. I’m happy with that.”

Federer can fairly be regarded as the best player in the world right now and maybe for a while to come, regardless of sitting behind Murray and Nadal in the rankings .

“I look at the stats and,whatever round it is, I see that the guy I’m going to face is playing two per cent of serve and volley throughout the championship. I’m going, OK, I know he’s not going to serve and volley – which is great for me.
“And the grass was playing fast this week. I wish that we would see more coaches, more players taking chances up at net, because good things do happen there.
“I do believe the depth in the men’s game is as great as it’s ever been but, because of the way they play, maybe not super-fast like they used to back in the 80s, the margins are bigger because of the surface speed, the ball speed and the racket technology. You have to hit a lot of good shots to come through a Murray or a Djokovic. Over five sets, it catches up with you and it’s favourable for the top guys.”

The good thing is that the best player in the world should be the one winning the biggest tournaments. That’s an aspect I understand: that we have a lot of points in Masters 1000s, slams and then the World Tour Finals.”


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