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Monday, July 3, 2017

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Romero gets a ticket to debut at Bellator MMA


Aridane Romero won by unanimous decision in the final to David Mora and marked the first tournament 'Road to Bellator' in Spain. It will debut in the United States.

Four Spaniards and a ticket to the United States. That was the premise of the 'Road to Bellator' played at the Gran Canaria Arena. The second largest MMA company landed in Spain, in the hands of World Fight Tour, to hunt for talent ... and if it did. Aridane Romero, 33, won the contract to debut with Bellator MMA after defeating David Mora in the final, which showed that he has a great future in mixed martial arts.
The final of the tournament was taken by the routes that Romero wanted. Mora came to move and try to reach from a distance, but as soon as the distance shortened, the canary sends Mora to the bars. "I try to take my game and not fall into the opponent," he said at the end of the fight. He did so. Its style is the demolitions, the pressure and the physical combats and that was the script of the three assaults of the combat. In the first, Romero managed to cut to Mora, the cards began to lean in his favor.
Then he followed the same line, pressing Mora from the floor with his elbows. Romero was never comfortable, but he had the initiative. Equality was maximum, Mora sought mobility and constant beatings from the ground and Romero the takedowns to scratch points. The strategy that declined the cards was that of Romero, who raised his arms as champion of the first 'Road to Bellator' Spain. The US doors open, Bellator is waiting for you.Semi-finals: Garmendia won the points, Mora by submission
The 'Road to Bellator' started with the equalized fight between Aratz Garmendia and Aridane Romero. Both raised a very physical fight during the two rounds of the lawsuit. Romero constantly searched the bars in the first round, Garmendia endured and turned the situation. The parity was maximum. In the second the tonic was the same. Romero returned the fight to the bars, but Garmendia fought back and there was no clear dominator. The judges had a difficult decision and opted for Aridane Romero by split decision.
In the other semi-final there were less doubts, as David Mora proved to be superior to Mikel Becerra. The Madrilenian went out to rule over the octagon, tried to reach with his fists, legs and grip, but did not find the opportunity. Becerra threw him to the ground and Mora saw his hole. The fighter of Alcala de Henares practiced a perfect submission to which Becerra did not resist and the referee stopped the fight with little more than two minutes disputed. Its progression and quality are high. 22, living in London to improve his technique. 5 victories and 1 defeat (against Romero), the future of Spanish MMA bears his name.


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