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Monday, July 3, 2017

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Dani Ceballos is the man of fashion in the Betis and even in the presentation of a signing as important as that of Cristian Tello, the current turned on him. Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, vice-president of the green and white sport, revealed that he spoke with him after the U21 European in which he was chosen best player. And that Setién will try to convince him to stay: "Ceballos was very correct in the conversation, he understood that in defeat also grows.We were talking without the depth of going to one team or the other.It was a respectful talk.Morning or past Setién also has a conversation with Dani and see if he sees that the project is based not only on him but on other players like Tello. "
"I hope that you will not only stay with us for another campaign, but for many seasons. This is the wish I have and the two CEOs also expose this possibility. It is also true that there is another part, Dani, that maybe Thinks that if it goes to a great can feel accomplished ", continued the Balearic.
Serrá confirmed that Barcelona asked him for the Utrera: "Time with Barcelona I dedicated to approaching the signing of Cristian. It is true that he asked me the opinion about Dani and I gave it, you can imagine ...".


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