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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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Spielberg's altitude will test Honda's evolution

 "The Red Bull Ring is a beautiful and unique circuit surrounded by the mountains of Styria. It is the track with the shortest lap time of the Formula 1 calendar and with only nine corners." This way Yusuke Hasegawa describes the track to which the paddock will travel this week, a place that is far from heavenly for McLaren and Honda. It is true that there will run with the evolution of its engine that tested Alonso in Azerbaijan, but will face a real test of fire for the altitude of the circuit of the Austrian GP.
The Spielberg route is more than 700 meters high (721.4 at its lowest point and 784.9 at the highest), being the second highest in the World Cup (none surpasses 2,226 in Mexico), with the difficulties That is for the engines, especially for the more fragile. "It's one of the biggest challenges the turbo will have to spin at a much higher rate to produce the same amount of energy and delivery efficiency the engine will also be affected," Hasegawa said in the McLaren statement.
"Our energy management strategy will be key to the race," said the Japanese, who hoped that the team's first points in Baku and Spec-3 would give them an impetus to offset the altitude: "Azerbaijan Brought some brightness to the team and we also tested the updated engine with Fernando on Friday and we were able to confirm some progress in terms of power.We used the data we collected at the factory and we are going to bring the Spec-3 for both drivers this weekend " .
However, the Austrian mountains do not diminish Hasegawa's optimism with the improved power unit: "I think we have some improvements in our competitiveness and I look forward to seeing our performance in Austria. We will not stop our preparation until the last minute And I hope we have a good race that reflects our progress. " And warns the drivers: "It's a demanding track and you have to be very careful not to make a single mistake during 71 laps." That also goes for Honda and its engine


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