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Monday, July 3, 2017

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The 5 combinations that make Nadal number 1 in Wimbledon

This Monday the Wimbledon tournament has started at the All England Club. Andy Murray starts as the rival to beat on the grass after winning the title in 2016 after beating the Canadian Milos Raonic in the final and thus achieve his second title in the tournament.
However, the 2017 Wimbledon edition is a challenging challenge for Andy Murray. The difficulty of revalidating title has to add the irregular state of form of the Scot so far this year and pressure to lose the number 1 of the ATP ranking.
The main rival to snatch the world scepter to the Scottish one is Rafa Nadal. Unlike Murray, Nadal has a great 2017 in the tournaments that he has played and, after achieving his tenth Roland Garros, aspires to get the double of Parisian and London majors for the third time in his career after doing it in 2008 and 2010. In addition, the hypothetical title of Wimbledon can give Nadal the number 1 in the ATP ranking, a position that has not occupied for almost 3 years (on July 7, 2014 fell to the second position). Below we review the five combinations that can make Nadal recover the number 1 of the ATP ranking in Wimbledon.
1. If you are a tournament champion
2. If you are a tournament finalist
3. If he reaches the semifinals and Andy Murray is not the rival in this round and Stan Wawrinka is not the champion of Wimbledon.
4. If he reaches quarters, Murray is already eliminated in that round and the champion is neither Wawrinka nor Djokovic
5. If he reaches the eighth and Murray loses in the first or second round and the champion is not Wawrinka or Djokovic.

In case of not reaching the number 1 in Wimbledon, Nadal could try to assault the top of the ladder in the tournaments of the hard track, with the US Open (28 August - 10 September) as the most important tournament in the calendar



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