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Monday, July 3, 2017

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The 'Foundation case' leaves Messi pending prosecution

According to the ABC newspaper, Messi used his foundation to collect image rights without taxing them. According to this newspaper, "Leo Messi, his father - Jorge Horacio - and his brother Rodrigo manage a structure of companies and foundations to evade the payment of taxes related to exploitation of the image of the player. ABC, who claims to have documents that prove his information, adds that "the documents and testimonies consulted indicate that only a small part of the money entered has been earmarked for social projects to help children, the founding purpose of the footballer's NGO. In Spain it is mandatory to allocate 70 percent of the income, something that has not been fulfilled. "

Messi is pending the execution of his sentence for the three tax offenses he committed, according to the resolution of the Barcelona Court. Judge Jesús Navarro is about to give the order to execute the provisions of the Act. The prosecution has asked the player to pay a fine of 505,000 euros to avoid the 21 months in prison to which he was convicted, but also that His or her background is kept for at least three years, in which period of re-offending and being convicted would leave him with no option to bargain for imprisonment.

Now, after the ABC information, Messi risks a new complaint from the Tax Agency, the State Attorney, the Prosecutor's Office or any anonymous citizen, since judges can not open ex officio causes. But if any of these institutions see evidence of truth in what was published by ABC could trigger the procedure.



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