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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Everything gets a bit undignified as Barcelona sue Neymar.

Well this is all getting a bit ugly. Neymar is a PSG player, gone from Barcelona but apparently not forgotten, as the Catalan club have apparently called in the lawyers over the Brazilian’s world record transfer.
Barca want the €8.5 million back they paid to Neymar after he signed a five-year contract last year, a bonus that they feel is not now entirely fair given that he skipped off to Paris with a massive sack of cash over his shoulder.

In a statement, Barcelona said: "The club demands the player return the already paid sum for his contract renewal as he has not completed his contract; 8.5 million euros in damages; and an additional 10% because of delayed payment. The Club also requests Paris Saint-Germain take on responsibility for the payment of these fees if the player cannot do so himself.
"FC Barcelona has started these proceedings to protect its interests following Neymar’s decision to buy out his contract just months after he signed an extension until 2021. This legal defence will be carried out following the established procedures with the competent authorities without entering into any verbal arguments with the player."
You can sort of see their point, but you wonder whether they should have more important things to worry about. While all of this was going on Neymar himself was having a lovely time with his former team-mates, old pals invited to the birthday party of his young son. The Warm-Up’s Spanish and Portuguese isn’t great, but we suspect the messages posted beneath these tweets are not entirely ones of support .


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