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Monday, November 20, 2017

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Guardiola: If players feel lazy or satisfied with themselves, I will kill them


Manchester City coach Josep Guardiola said laziness never happened to any team he trained, stressing that he would not allow it to his players, in remarks to the BBC.
Guardiola said: "This will not happen players will not feel lazy because I am their coach."

"This will not happen to my team. I will tell them if they feel lazy or complacent. The complacency does not happen in the clubs I train."
"They can play badly, the clubs will outperform us, but if I see the team having a desire to get the ball and play, we're not a great team at all, but laziness will not happen."
Manchester City have so far scored 10 straight victories at the top of the Premier League table, eight points clear of second-placed Manchester United.
Manchester City have so far scored 40 goals and conceded seven goals as the strongest attacking line and second-strongest defense after second-placed Manchester United, who had six goals.
Citroen face Feyenoord in the fifth round of the Champions League group stage on Tuesday.



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