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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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What awaits Barcelona in November ... towards more serious tests for the Valverde defense

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde believes his team have only conceded three goals so far in the Spanish league, but in November they will have more serious tests.
With 28 points, Barcelona lead the Spanish league, and is the strongest team offensive after scoring 28 goals in 10 games and the strongest defense after receiving only 3 goals.

In November, Barcelona will face stronger opponents than they have played so far in the Spanish league and will face the worst opponent in the European Community before securing their qualification in the King's Cup.

Spanish league .. Test the defense force in front of better teams offensive

The opening of the month's matches will be in front of the Sevilla team, at the Camp Nou stadium, the stronghold of the Catalan team on Saturday.

Sevilla will be a strong test or well prepared for what is coming from matches in November, especially that Valverde will face the Andalusian team without Andres Iniesta, Andre Gomez and Sergio Roberto due to injury.

Liganes at Botarki Stadium will be the second match of the Blaugrana.

Barcelona's visit to Asier Garretano's squad will not be easy, as Liganes are seventh in the Spanish league.

Barcelona will conclude this month's matches in the league with second-placed Valencia. Bats have scored 27 goals so far to be the best attacking line after Barcelona.

November will be the fiercest confrontations to date for the club at the level of the league after matches against the teams that occupy the middle positions in the league except Atletico Madrid

UEFA Champions League .. towards securing qualification

One game Barcelona will play in the Champions League this month will be against Juventus at the Juventus Arena.

Valverde will travel for the first time with Barcelona to Italy, and hopes not to be like his last trip to Greece, which tied the team with Olympiakos in the fourth round of the Champions League without goals.

Barcelona win will guarantee him a formal qualification to the Dural 16 but the loss may make him position in the group.

With 10 points, Barcelona lead Group D, followed by Juventus 7 points, Sporting Lisbon 4 points and Olympiacos one point.

The loss of Barcelona could lead to the loss of the top of the group and qualify in second place, which means facing stronger teams in the next round of the European competition.

Valverde also hopes not to face coach Luis Enrique last season when he lost to Juventus 3-0 without a draw before a draw in the Camp Nou and the quarter-final.

King of Spain Cup to watch the bench

Barcelona finished the match in the 32nd round of the King's Cup by beating Real Murcia 3-0 without a draw and putting forward a half-foot in the Round of 16.

The last game of the month will be in front of Real Murcia and will give Valverde a chance to give the replacement team more minutes as well as those who have been stepped up by the reserve team.


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