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Friday, December 1, 2017

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Marka Madrid:


Esko Alarcon confirmed that his coach Zinedine Zidane, who used him in his position, thanked him for giving him the opportunity to be an important player.
"As a coach, Zidane gave me the opportunity to be an important player and was the only Real coach who has involved me in my position, so I am very happy to try to translate that confidence on the pitch," he told Fox Sport.
The international midfielder said he wanted Zidane to have a good time, noting that when he was young, he was interested in keeping up with his current coach when he was a player.
"I said that a lot in the past, when he was playing (Zidane) I was young and I was trying to focus on him, many of his movements were amazing and unique."
"When I arrived in Madrid, Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas started to call me by that name, I think that's because of the things I do with the ball," he said during the interview. Call me the magician.

not now

Neymar the father, the father of the Paris-Germain wing, Neymar da Silva Jr., said his son could negotiate to go to Real Madrid, but not now.
"We can not negotiate the transfer of his son to Real Madrid now, but that could happen after 5 or 6 years," he told Fox News.
"I can not talk about negotiations from now, up to 5 or 6. He is tied to a long contract with St. Germain, who joined him recently, and three months have passed, and there is talk of his departure," he said.
"I do not think Neymar will leave Europe in eight years," said the father, "Our job is to keep Neymar in the place we dreamed of, and Europe is his dream, so Neymar will not return.
"It may be back in years to Palmeiras, Flamengo or Santos," he said.
Neymar recently responded to journalists who asked him about the possibility of moving to the club, saying, "This is very annoying on your part.


Madrid - A new shock hit Real Madrid after the Villanabrada match at the King's Cup in Spain on Wednesday evening.
Gareth Bell will not take part in the next game against Athletic Bilbao in San Mames on Saturday.
The Welshman is not suffering from injury, but minor pain must be resolved as quickly as possible next week, and Mernji will not risk involving him in Bilbao for fear of a new setback.
After a two-month absence from the team, the technical management of the Munirji does not want to pressure him for fear of any complications.
Bell took part in the match against Fuenlabrada in the Copa del Rey as an alternative in the second half and set up two goals for Borja Mayoral in a 2-2 draw.

The gap can be narrowed
Spanish league officials believe they can close the income gap in comparison to the English Premier League over the next 10 years by adopting an ambitious plan to increase viewership across the world.
Javier Teppas, president of the League of Liga, said the English Premier League had earned television rights, 40 per cent more than his country's, for the injection of about 1.7 billion euros a year.
"I have no doubt that we will be equal to the English Premier League in 10 years, or at least we will be down by about 10%. The most significant difference now is that the market British itself, bigger than the Spanish market. "
"The gap is diminishing at the international level, but our biggest goal is to approach the English Premier League," Teppas said late on Tuesday.
The Spanish league, which already dominates the South American region, is now focused on acquiring new ground in important markets such as China, India and the United States, as well as focusing on Africa.
Over the past four years, the Spanish league has been established in the cities of Shanghai, Delhi, New York, Johannesburg and Dubai, with representatives of the competition in more than 40 countries.
The game schedule has been changed so that an early match can be played so that Asian viewers can watch it, while another late game is played on Sunday for the viewers of the Americas.
"The biggest advantage of the Spanish league, better than the Premier League, is the high level of clubs and players," said Teppas.
Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo have won the Golden Ball for the best player in the world for the past nine years.
The two clubs also have won the Champions League in the last four years, while Atletico Madrid have reached the final of the tournament itself twice.
"This concept is what we are working on," Teppas said. "We did not have a comprehensive strategy before."
One of the ideas is to propose one or two out of a total of 380 league matches each season outside Spain, based on the success of the pre-season Barcelona and Real Madrid match in Miami, .
"We are thinking about it," Teppas said. "The first game will be held outside of Spain, often in the United States," he said, adding that he hoped such a match would take place within two years.
As Spanish league ambitions mount, to gain more foreign market fortunes, Teppas has voiced fears


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