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Saturday, December 2, 2017

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David de Chia enters the Premiership history after the Arsenal match  

Manchester United goalkeeper David Deja has entered the Premiership after his side's match against Arsenal.
United managed to beat Arsenal 3-1 in the game on Saturday for the 15th round of the tournament.
Despite a 3-0 victory over United, Jose Mourinho's sons were subjected to a barrage of attacks by the Janers, but Di Chia was on the lookout.
According to a press report quoting Obeta statistics, Di Khia finished the game and has 14 salvage record, making him enter the history of the Premiership.
The Metro-An-Di-Chia newspaper reported that it had equalized Tim Kroll's 14-point record in November 2013 when he was Tottenham keeper and former Arsenal keeper Vito Mannoni, who scored the same number.


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