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Friday, December 1, 2017

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 Salah and Suarez

England coach Juergen Klopp has refused to compare Egyptian international Mohamed Salah and Uruguayan Luis Suarez, the former Reds star and current Barcelona striker.Salah reached the 17th goal of Liverpool, becoming the team's top scorer in a season, since the last season of the club, which scored 31 goals in 2013-2014."I respect Suarez very much, he is the legend of Liverpool but he is not a player at the moment and there is no comparison with him because of that," Clube told reporters at the Brighton news conference."I'm a very positive person, but I'm only interested in the next game. Of course Mu Salah has good times now, and I hope he stays that way in the future, and that's what we wanted when we signed him."Liverpool will be at Brighton on Saturday at the Wieden Stadium in the 15th week of the English Premier League.The 25-year-old leads the Premier League with 12 goals, ahead of Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane (10 goals), Rahim Sterling and Sergio Aguero (9 goals).


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