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Friday, December 1, 2017

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Portugal's rulers call for a strike because of the hostile atmosphere against them
Seventy-three of the 76 judges at different professional levels in Portugal today called for a strike during the next round of the tournament in protest against the hostile atmosphere, according to their assertions.
According to sources in the Portuguese referees 'committee, the reason for the decision is due to the harsh criticisms directed at the referees, especially by the various clubs' analysts.
In view of this situation, 76 court judges, out of a total of 76, have asked in the three competitions to refrain from judging the next round, which begins on Friday 24 November.
According to the Referees' Committee, 19 of the total of 22 first-class governors in a statement expressed their desire to refrain from arbitrating the next round.
In the face of this situation and in accordance with the rules of the Arbitration Council of the Portuguese Association of the game, the exit from this impasse will be through the use of the rulers of the regions, or even the use of referees from external patrols, for example, Spanish.
The jury and arbitration board are due to hold a meeting today to discuss the crisis and discuss the possibility of the Portuguese clubs making a written commitment to cooperate in order to prevent such hostile atmosphere around the rulers.


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